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The Up Wars team is proud to offer exclusive access, content, and more to our earliest supporters. There's only a limited number so purchase a membership in The Black Ring today!

Who are The Black Ring?

Led and financed by a mysterious billionaire, The Black Ring is the world's deadliest and most ruthless gang of mercenary thieves on the globe. Known for wearing their signature rings adorned with black star sapphires, this group is made up of highly professional, hardened killers who have a taste for rarities. When the new pyramid was discovered, promising an abundance of ancient riches, a team of Black Ring looters were the first to infiltrate the site.
Ring with Black Sapphire


Topaz Gemstone


You'll get updates directly from the developers on how the game's progressing, including live Q&A's and exclusive screenshots and videos. Additionally, when the game launches, you'll be able to equip Black Ring cosmetics which includes two sets of apparel, a weapon skin for each weapon, and five different voice taunts!
Emerald Gemstone


You get everything from the TOPAZ tier plus access to the closed Beta that will be available months before release. You'll have the opportunity to play early builds of the game and provide direct feedback to the dev team!
Diamond Gemstone


Diamond members will get everything that's included in the TOPAZ and EMERALD tiers plus the Season 1 Pass, which will be available shortly after launch. The Season 1 Pass gives you a leg up as the storyline moves forward with new weapons, cosmetics, and other in-game items related to the shocking developments around the mysterious pyramid!
Black Star Sapphire Gemstone


Reserved for our most generous early supporters, BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE tier offers everything from all other tiers plus you get to make your mark on the pyramid itself! You'll get your very own hieroglyphs, statues, and other environmental features and, to the top three contributors, your very own character, complete with your voice and gestures!


The Black Ring membership option I'd like to purchase isn't available. Is there another way for me to purchase a membership?
Unfortunately, we can only offer a limited amount of Black Ring memberships. However, as we near the release of Up Wars, it is possible that the number of memberships could expand with our beta testing needs, so keep checking in with us!
Does my Black Ring membership work on all my devices?
Your Black Ring membership is tied to your game account. As long as you are logged into this account, your Black Ring content will be there.
How do I access Black Ring content inside the game?
Provided you are logged into an account with a Black Ring membership, you do not need to do anything special to activate Black Ring content. Black Ring items like apparel and weapon skins will be available on the customization menus for those items.
How do I participate in the closed Beta?
Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the game will be provided in an email that will be sent to the email address associated with your game account.
I live outside the U.S. Are Black Ring memberships available to me?
Black Ring memberships are only available to U.S. customers at this time.
Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not handle refunds at this time; all sales are final.